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Free Online Apps

This section list some interesting web apps that work in browser environment.

Software Collection

Free online imaging tools that work in web browser without install and download.
Below is a summary list of some of these photo editing apps:

Color ChangerChange the Hue, Saturation and lightness of images for free
CartoonizerAdd cartoon effect to photos and illustrations
Edge DetectionExtract image edges with different effects and operators. Neon edges, horizontal, vertical and more
**Many more... 

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Video Tools

Video tools are free web applications that run in a browser environment.
Easily convert JPEG, PNG, SVG photos to movie.

Free online Audio Software

This is a multi-track audio editor. It is a free tool that provide nice features like: Cur, Merge, Split sound files. One of the best features is the sound spectrum player and analyzer.
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Articles and Tutorials

Detailed tutorials and educational articles

Free guides related to image processing and analysis.
Learn how different computer graphics algorithms work.

Some of the topics are:

  • Image enhancement

  • Edge detection

  • Image segmentation

  • Graphical algorithms

Programming Algorithms

Free portal for software developers and engineers. Algorithms for image analysis in different programming languages like:

  • JavaScript

  • GLSL - OpenGL / WebGL

  • C/C++

Software manuals


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